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Game of Thrones Season 1: My Top Ten Moments

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There hasn’t been anywhere near enough Game of Thrones content on this blog so far, so I’m going to change that with three posts counting down my ten favourite moments for each of the three seasons we’ve had so far, starting now with season one. There will obviously be spoilers, so don’t read if you don’t want anything spoilt.

10. The King’s too fat for his armour

A comical moment that shows the great friendship between Ned and Robert, and the complete haplessness of Lancel Lannister, being sent off for the non-existent ‘breastplate stretcher’. This is almost the last time Ned and Robert will be able to laugh together, as this is just before events take a rapid downward spiral.

9. The Mountain V The Hound 

The first real fight scene of the series didn’t disappoint, as the Clegane brothers square off after an ugly end to Ser Gregor’s joust with Ser Loras.

8. ‘You Wouldn’t Know Him’

One of Bronn’s classic one liners, as he is being introduced to Tyrion’s seriously unimpressed father. The look in Tywin’s eyes as he sees the sorts of people his son has for allies is fantastic.

7. Tywin and Jaime

This is our first introduction to Lord Tywin, and it is made very clear what kind of man he is: nothing is more important than the family name, and anyone bringing it to disrepute needs to sort themselves out. Jaime for once can’t think of anything to say, he retreats in a stunned silence after hearing some harsh truths.

6. Bronn V Ser Vardis

Another gripping fight scene – although at this point we don’t know anything about either of the participants, Bronn is fighting for Tyrion’s life, which makes it very important to us that he wins. When he cunningly defeats Ser Vardis with speed and dexterity, he is accused of not fighting with honour. “No” he admits, gesturing down the Moon door. “He did.”

5. Tyrion meets the Hill Tribesmen

Definitely one of the funniest moments in the whole show, we see just how clever and witty Tyrion is, as he convinces Shagga, son of Dolf, who is nothing more than a savage, to escort him through the Vale of Arryn with his quick thinking.

4. The King in the North

No matter which family has your allegiance, you can’t help but be inspired by Robb’s bannerman declaring him King in the North. A heart warming and quite emotional scene, quite heart wrenching by Theon’s pledge of allegiance when we know what is to come.

3. Ned’s Death

Without question the most notorious moment in season one, and a famous moment in television history. It is almost unprecedented for a main character, played by the headline actor to be killed off in the first season, and the manner of it was even more unbelievable: Ned betrayed everything he stood for by lying, and then Joffrey revealed his true colours by going back on his promise to be merciful.

2. Love is the death of duty

A great monologue from a very underrated character in Maester Aemon that really hits home for me and I’m sure a lot of other people as well. Not only that, but the reveal of the ancient Maester’s true identity as one of the last Targaryens.

1. ‘Are you a brother of the Night’s Watch, or a bastard boy who wants to play at war?’

The final scene with Jon and the Night’s Watch from season one, and my favourite speech so far on the show from Commander Mormont, set against the chilling backdrop of the black brothers marching out beyond the wall. It is one of the few scenes that still gives me goosebumps over a year after seeing it for the first time. My favourite moment of season one.


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