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Game of Thrones Season 2: My Top Ten Moments


On to season two now, the best season in the opinion of most so it was very difficult to narrow down just ten moments. Spoilers obviously.

10. Yoren goes out heroically

Definitely one of the best death scenes in the show, Yoren takes a crossbow bolt through the heart, but then manages to take down several Lannister soldiers before they finally finish him off.

9. Valar Morghulis

Arya’s final encounter with the mysterious Jaqen H’ghar. He offers to take her to Braavos to learn how to be a Faceless Man, but she has to decline, to my dismay and I’m sure lots of others.

8. Tyrion and Lancel 

There aren’t as many funny moments in season two as in one, but Tyrion’s repeated manipulation of the hapless Lancel is one of them.

7. Stannis after the battle

Stannis seems to finally come to terms with what he has done, and expresses his regret that he killed his brother. Melisandre gets him to look into the flames, and whatever he sees must have been both awesome and terrifying.

6. ‘Gods help you, Theon Greyjoy. Now you are truly lost.’

Nothing Theon does goes how he wants it to. He didn’t want to kill Ser Rodrik, but Dagmer convinced him he must, and he didn’t want to look like a coward so he did it himself, but made a mess of it.

5. White Walkers

The final scene of the series was certainly a memorable one, and a terrific cliffhanger as we see the white walkers and their army of wights descending on the unsuspecting Night’s watch.

4. Theon “kills” Bran and Rickon

Maester Luwin’s scream is truly haunting, and the look in Theon’s eyes as he realises just what he has done is brutal, making us really think that the Stark boys are dead.

3. Theon’s speech

First there is Theon’s darkly humorous and heartbreaking talk with Maester Luwin, and then his brilliant speech to his men encouraging them to go out in a blaze of glory. Unfortunately for him they had other ideas.

2. Jaime and Brienne’s first encounter

Our first scene with one of the best double-acts in any TV show or book series. Two polar opposite human beings who create a hilarious couple, their scenes only get better in the next season.

1. ‘You are a lion. You mustn’t be afraid’

This scene has everything. Cersei’s superb monologue over the end of the battle, with Tyrion bleeding in the mud, Stannis having to be dragged away, and finally Tywin and Loras Tyrell coming in to save the city.


3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 2: My Top Ten Moments

  1. Some great moments there… but none of Jon & Ygritte?? And the Battle of Blackwater isn’t exactly a ‘moment’, but when the wildfire gets ignited for the 1st time i got chills. Yoren’s defiance was possibly the pick of all that, such a shame his character had to go!

  2. It’s hard to narrow things down to just 10, but I can’t argue that these scenes aren’t deserving. I’m glad you included so much Theon, since his character had such a character arc in Season Two.

    Thumbs up!

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