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Game of Thrones Season 3: My Top Ten Moments


If it was difficult to pick just ten moments from seasons one and two, then season three was almost impossible. I was quite surprised that this season seemed to have the most amazing moments, as before I did these lists I considered it to be my least favourite season, but now I’m not sure. So, here are my ten favourite moments from season three. Spoilers of course.

10. Tywin V Olenna

The heads of the two most powerful families in Westeros, and arguably the two most formidable characters are sure to clash at some point, and the result is just as enthralling as you would expect. Neither of these characters are used to being refused, and in the end it is Tywin who gets his way.

9. Robbwind

The immediate aftermath of the Red Wedding is almost as harrowing as the wedding itself – Stark men being butchered everywhere, flags being burnt, and of course the foul mutilation of Robb’s corpse. Not the first thing Arya would have liked to see when she woke up.

8. Davos frees Gendry

I like this scene because it’s something that happens very rarely in Westeros – someone doing the right thing, and an innocent character escaping a gruesome end. Davos and Gendry are two of the few characters who can be called good people.

7. Rickon and Bran go their separate ways

If you didn’t feel a bit choked up when Rickon leaves Bran, then you must have a heart of stone. The youngest Starks provide some very emotional scenes over the course of the show, and this one tops the lot.

6. Gendry realises who he is

Another heart-warming moment with Gendry, who thought all his life he was just a nobody realises he is the son of king.

5. Robb executes Lord Karstark

The continuation of the Stark’s tradition of being too damn honourable for their own good. Executing Karstark was the right thing to do, so Robb felt he had no choice, but this was just one of his blunders that culminated in his demise.

4. Reek is born

Poor Theon’s life has been getting worse and worse since the start of season two, and this is as low as it gets for him, as he is stripped of not only his body parts but his dignity. He tries to resist, but the final little bit of fight is ripped away from him – and Reek is born.

3. The Red Wedding

Without doubt the most memorable and shocking moment, but it can’t be called my favourite moment because it was just so painful to watch and hear.

2. Jaime and Brienne in the bear pit

The first time we can see that Jaime is a changed man – risking his life to save a woman he can hardly stand to be around most of the time. And given this show’s history, my heart was in my mouth when the bear charged at him – unlike most shows, I truly didn’t know if we would get out of there alive. That’s what makes this whole series so special.

1. ‘By what right does the wolf judge the lion? By what right?’

I simply love this scene. Jaime reveals why he really killed the Mad King, and curses Ned Stark for never listening to his side of the story. A wonderful performance from Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and from that moment Jaime has always been my favourite character.

So that concludes my top ten moments of each season of Game of Thrones so far. You can expect to see much more in the run up to and during season four.


4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 3: My Top Ten Moments

  1. I can’t argue with any of these entries, but I am partial to Dany’s triumph at Astapor.

    I am really pleased you had Jaime and Brienne as your number 1. That scene in particular was just the best.

    • this was a very difficult list to do, I had about 20 moments I really liked! Jaime and Brienne’s scenes are my favourites

      • I completely sympathize!

        In many ways, your list was super interesting because it didn’t have Dany, but showed some love for Gendry, and also the importance of Theon’s storyline.

        A lot of my friends were very put off by Theon’s situation, but I thought it was crazy important.

        Thanks again for the list, and for the reply!

      • Thanks for the feedback! I love Theon, he’s the most tragic character by far. His Reek storyline in the last book is amazing

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