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Game of Thrones Review: S4E9 “The Watchers on the Wall”

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After almost 3 seasons of building up to the battle between the wildling army and the Night’s Watch, the battle finally came. With interest on both sides, there was going to be heartbreak no matter what happened, and the emotional moments didn’t disappoint. Spoilers to come. 

First we were treated to Jon and Sam talking about sex. In Jon’s own words, he isn’t a poet. Then Gilly turned up at Castle Black, after escaping from Mole’s Town. After seeing her somewhere safe, she and Sam shared their first kiss. D’awww. 

No expense was spared in creating an amazing visual spectacle, with giants riding mammoths, the biggest fire the north has ever seen, and a huge scythe that wiped out the wildlings climbing the wall. Alliser Thorne changed my opinion of him, as he actually turned out to be quite a badass. On the other hand, Janos Slynt proved himself as nothing more than a snivelling coward. Thorne’s duel with Tormund was one of the best fights on the show. The first heartbreaking moment came when Pyp took a crossbow bolt in the neck, and died in Sam’s arms. His BFF Grenn then went out like a badass, holding off a giant with 5 other rangers in the tunnel. Although we didn’t get the iconic line, “Jon, you have the wall”, we did get “Edd, you have the wall, which is just as good. 

Jon showed off his considerable fighting talents, managing to bring down Styr, before turning around to find his spurned wildling lover Ygritte pointing an arrow at him. They exchanged the briefest of smiles, before Ygritte took an arrow through the heart from Olly, the little boy who’s parents she killed earlier in the season. I never considered Ygritte one of my favourite characters, but her dying in his arms brought me to tears. 

We didn’t get the ending to the episode we were expecting, and didn’t really get a proper resolution to the battle, but it was still a great episode with some very emotional moments. Just one episode left of the season, and there is no question it will probably be the best episode of the entire show. 



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