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Game of Thrones: The 10 Best Endings (Spoilers)

10. Season 2 Episode 6 – WHERE ARE MAH DRAGONS???

Dany at this point has no army, no ships, and no money. The dragons are the only thing going for her at this point – oh, they’re gone. And most of your people are dead. Oops.

9. Season 3 Episode 4 – Astapor Destroyed

Dany seemed to have gone mad, giving away one of her dragons, but no, she had a very risky plan to keep all three dragons, gain an army of the world’s best soldiers, and destroy the city of the slavers.

8. Season 1 Episode 1 – Bran’s Fall

This is the very first episode of the show, and we have a 10 year old boy being thrown from a window?! A very early sign that nothing is too extreme in this show.

7. Season 1 Episode 10 – Dragons!

Much of the first season, we didn’t know if dragons really existed or not. So when they are first revealed, it’s a very exciting moment and an excellent end to the first season.

6. Season 3 Episode 3 – Jaime Maimed

Jaime doesn’t just lose his hand, he loses the one thing that made him special – his fighting ability. This incident undoubtedly changes him forever, arguably for the good, as this is what sets him on his path to redemption.

5. Season 2 Episode 7 – Theon Executes Bran and Rickon

Theon has betrayed his best friend Robb, killed the man who trained him and kicked the Starks out of Winterfell. Surely there’s nothing worse he could possibly do?… Luckily, it wasn’t really Bran and Rickon, but a couple of orphan boys, but even so, this is Theon’s lowest point.

4. Season 2 Episode 10 – White Walkers

Just as Season 1 ended with the reveal of the dragons, Season 2 ends with the first sign of the army of the undead, lead by the terrifying white walkers.

3. Season 2 Episode 9 – Tywinning

Whether you like the Lannisters or not, no one can deny Tywin is the biggest badass in the show. Casually strolling in after saving the city.

2. Season 1 Episode 9 – Ned’s Death

The moment that sparked the war of the five kings, and the moment we realised that no one in this show is safe, as the main character and most famous actor is shockingly executed.

1. Season 3 Episode 9 – The Red Wedding